Amanda & Curtis | Boho Blush Wedding in Spruce Meadows

Remember the couple who I had mentioned that he had saved her life? Thats this lovely couple, Amanda & Curtis, and this last weekend they officially became Mr & Mrs Billsten!

They met while working together at West 3 years ago, he was a bouncer who had a crush on her and she was a bartender. One evening she had went in to the woman's washroom to do a quick clean up when she had slipped on water (we have all seen how bar washrooms can get trashed) and ended up slicing (yikes!) her arm open. She laid in a pool of blood when Curtis came in and rescued her. It wasn't until 6 months after they had both left West that they reconnected….

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Stephanie & Darcy | Elegant White Spruce Meadows Wedding

The moment Darcy met Stephanie, he fell in love with her beauty and her smile. He quickly realized that this blue-eyed beauty also had a heart of gold, from the love that she holds for her family, her loyalty to her friends, but also her tireless energy to tending to children and their families as a nurse. When I asked Stephanie what would surprise me about Darcy she said how funny he can be. Darcy has such a soft demeanour, more quiet, but as the wedding day unfolded I started to see more and more of his silly side come out…

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LymeDiaries: What is disease & what is Just... Life?

There's something wrong. I have vomit stinging the back of my nostrils, that sweet acid smell as I try to keep the food down while sitting on my bathroom floor. I'm google-searching as I always do when I experience strange sensations or symptoms- wondering If I am crazy or if another person affected with Lyme has experienced something similar.

 I was on my way to a photo-shoot when all of a sudden my eye-sight went blurry, while driving, and I panicked. Then you do what you always do, you start to justify what else it could be, 'oh it's probably from all the screen time today' but then all of a sudden moving my eyes from the car in front of me over to the light above I feel like I am moving through water, delayed and fluid, the light is too bright, and then the strangest sensation of all starts to happen…

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