You have your photographer, AH-MAZING! And let me say, great choice! ;) But now you  have all of these OTHER THINGS you need to think about and oh man there are just too many to sort through and know who is the best of the best. So I have compiled a list of those "next step" vendors to help the planning along. I have worked with them before and have loved working with them. They are lovely and LOCAL humans who love their job and I trust them to add* to your overall experience.




Whether you want someone for the entire process or just need someone the day of to pull the look together and organize the staff, someone who isn't your family or friend; having a planner takes a HUGE weight off of your shoulders and eases your mind knowing everything will get done when it needs to get done. Here are some of my favourite ladies who are incredibly passionate about what they do! 

* PRO TIP: It never ever hurts to ask for your specific needs. I think sometimes we assume we need to have this MASSIVE budget to have a day-of coordinator. A lot of planners want to help and will work with your budget so don't be afraid to just ask and outline your needs! 

Social & Co Events
Paper Doll Events
Hera Weddings & Events

Stylist: Beloved by Ania
Day of Coordinator: The Wedding Sitter YYC



There are so many wonderful florists in Calgary but I have really grown to admire and love these ladies in their attention to detail and how much they appreciate their clients. They also just do wonderful work and really bring a brides vision to life!

* PRO TIP: It's Important to have your bouquets delivered to where you are getting ready (instead of your ceremony venue) so you have the flowers photographed and part of your portraits. 
* PRO TIP: Have a small towel on hand so you can dry off the stems as they will sit in water, and you avoid getting your dresses wet! 

Fern & Frond
Fleurish Flower Shop
Flowers by Janie
Flower Artistry
Hens & Chicks
Faint Floral
Amborella Floral Studio



Now keep in mind I don't know the FULL details of how these ladies work, ie: what their minimum is. I am just learning about this now as a bride myself. Some makeup artist companies requests a minimum amount of people for the day of which is tough for smaller weddings. There are so many wonderful Solo-preneurs out there and I've been using instagram to find those ladies if you are needing someone for a small group or just for yourself.

* PRO TIP: I recommend having someone come to you, try not to go to a studio so you can be present for photos and you have less stress on travel time and staying within your timeline.
* PRO TIP: They LOVE photos so Pinterest it up and share your vision when you inquire! 

Avenue Beauty
Trinity Hair & Makeup
The Pretty Haus
Zen Beauty
Something Borrowed Beauty


pro tip

There is a lot of great vendors out there! Skip on Pinterest when searching for local vendors; instead look at photographer and event planners blogs. They will usually (most) tag who was involved. Pinterest is awesome but a lot of up-and-comer's’ who are amazing at what they do may not be utilizing those SEO strategies. Trust professional planners and photographers on quality professionals.


Don’t see what you need!? No problem!