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the social sessions


a lifestyle membership

here’s the thing - you need quality photos, but not only that, you need photos through-out the entire year to keep things fresh and updated on your social platforms and website. girl, I struggle with this myself… who has the time to remember all of that and organize it!? uh, I don’t even remember to do this for myself! those one-off sessions here and there really build up (cost-wise) and the prep work and mental-space you take up trying to organize it, book, and implement it all while trying to stay consistent is really taking your focus away from what you need to do: like having a life and building your empire. so that’s why I decided to create a limited annual membership for business owners (like me) who want to co-create quality imagery over the span of one year but need a well planned, organized-system, that helps achieve the quality images YOU need to keep things updated. thus ‘the social sessions’ was born.



a year of artistry

why I created this program


Honestly, this whole thing was born because of my own necessity. I couldn’t keep up with the one-off sessions that I was being booked for and the planning was skimmed over because we would have such limited time and no one wanted to book the extra time because of the extra costs. We need time on our side to build, to be intentional and to make a game-plan that gives you the most mileage to your photos! After-all my favourite motto is- if you fail to plan, plan to fail.

You guys, I wanted something like this for myself! So that’s why I made it!

I am so excited to work with a limited number of women who are building their business and who want to really invest in to quality images without the extra-work through-out the year. What that means is we will have one really important planning session to talk the design narrative and vision to what you want and then from there we have a system to make it come to life without having to remember all the nitty-gritty details later-on. It will all be pre-booked and we will do all the necessary work up front so the rest gets easy.

I am so excited to create with you! Wanna know more about membership, keep scrolling. You’re almost there.


my clients are golden

full of life, love, and generosity

A J/A couple loves photography and think its an important piece in their wedding story. They are playful, deeply in love, and not afraid to show it. Their favourite photos are romantic, joyful, genuine, and candid.  They love to express who they are together and separately. They believe in story; that theirs is worth telling and sharing. They value family, growth, honesty, compassion, and timeless treasures

They are laid-back, adventurers of the world who love being outdoors exploring together. They aren't afraid to get a little dirty if need be. They love connecting with others and building new friendships. They are lovers, always partners, and forever best friends. They are loyal, whole-hearted, and believe in the beauty of this one magical life that they are about to share together.


your membership

one year of photos

$2865 -



. 2 hour FOCUS + CLARITY session

. 1 half-day shoot to lay the foundation

. Two 1-hour mini shoots planned and pre-booked out in 6 month intervals

. High quality + consistent imagery

. payment plan available