The Journal

Welcome to my personal space! Here I share a lot of things. I share love stories of weddings I have photographed, engagements, and work I have done with my clients in the interior design field. I also share personal stories, goals, insights, my health journey, etc. I do not believe my personal life has to be exclusive from my work life as they are woven together so you will find a lot of candid writing, personal beliefs, stories, and yes, even struggles. Thanks for making your way here and I hope to connect with you!

A note to 2018 brides, since I switched platforms, 2018 blog posts still need to be re-uploaded. As I am in the middle of the most insane wedding season of my life, please give me grace as I get these back up. It will likely happen after the season is over in November. Thank you, I adore you all! - Jamie