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you are, made true


shes got stars in her eyes & dirt in her toes.

A whole-hearted creative believes in sharing her gifts with the world. She believes that when we are centred in our hearts, living out our purpose, we make the world a better place. She feels greatly, dreams big, and wants to live fully, with great joy and love. No songs unsung, no roads not traveled. 


I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to coaching. After all, you are incredibly unique and have a special voice. We will be working together 1:1 over the course of three or six months. We will be focusing on fostering positive habits and new ways of thinking to help build a strong inner confidence + inner-trust that allows you to make clear, authentic, heart-driven choices so you can start living a creative life on your own terms. You will even have homework- the fun kind! Are you a whole-hearted creative ready to embrace your journey, to invest in yourself, and to create something meaningful? If so, lets do this! 



1:1 COaching + online access 


focus +

 Clarity + Goal-Setting
+  Brand Identity
 Attracting Your Ideal Client
+  Idea Generator: Content Creation for Blog
+  Social Media + Marketing
+  Web Design Basics + Critique
 Photography 101
+  Authenticity + Intention in Business

details +

+  3 month program with the ability to advance to 6 months
 Intake Form to highlight struggles + successes
+  Exclusive online access to mentorship content: inspiration log + resources
+  Online Calendar + Schedule for bi-weekly calls
+  Online over-view of notes + recordings of our calls/ meetings
+  Creative 'Call To Actions' & 24 hour support

Applications begin September 2019

investment of $899 for 3 months

payment plans available


I loved every bit of creative mentorship! I’ve been struggling with clarity in business. The more I talked to Jamie, the more confident and clear I became. My goals felt more aligned, my brand felt more “me”, and overall I resolved some fears that I buried for so long. Jamie is completely understanding, patient but also someone who holds me accountable, so I can attain my goals! If you are a creative entrepreneur, I highly recommend the program!
— Kyra, 2016 Mentorship Program


the call-series


For my non-mentorship-program peeps!

Mentorship is for a select number of individuals per year so it made sense to offer
some sweet little coaching calls for those who are still interested in gaining some clarity
and guidance! Can't wait to hear what you are up to! 


simple as 1, 2, 3...

1. Select Your Focus


What are we chatting about? What are you currently struggling with? Branding? Clarity? Social Media? Getting Organized? Getting Motivated? 

2. select your package 


Maybe you want to just book one 90 minute call. Maybe you want to do 3 consecutive calls over the span of a month, or MAYBE you want 6 calls over the span of 3 months. 

3. schedule it in!


Book the call and schedule it in! You are ready to roll and ready to take some big steps! 


More information soon! 

1:1 Coaching Calls / January 2017

start your year off with investing in yourself and your dreams!