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so, i'm kind of a huge nerd!

and its a huge asset in business

From my personal library, to podcasts that inspire me, to articles or programs I seriously can not live without in my business. It's all for you here!  YOU are your biggest investment in your business! So learn as much as you can about your craft, about business in general, about your connection to the universe, anything that fires you up!! Here is my personal collection.


my library (#jhpbookclub)

Please check back, I am always uploading more! 



Feel free to click to follow the link or you can always search it in itunes! I have the podcast app and love it!


Tech Stuff!

My Favourite Programs + Streamlining tools!

Wave Accounting - Free and much better looking than freshbooks! 
Asana - Task Management and you can also add teams!
Toggle - Time how long it takes for you to do a task, great for time-management
Stripe - Accept Credit cards (this connects to wave to make payment easier) 
Dubsado - For photographers a streamline for workflow, book-keeping, lead lists, etc. 
17hats - Another online workflow for clients/meetings/etc.

Sunset Times - Looking up golden hour for bookings
Calendly - My scheduler! (preferred over time trade) + it syncs to my google calendar
Two Bright Lights - Sending photos to publishers the easy way
Blog Stomp - Hallelujah! Making blogging photos a 1000000 x better
Lightroom - All your editing needs! (Subscriptions available)
Photoshop - For my interiors and web design
inDesign - Magazine and print design
GoLiveHQ - Amazing templates for squarespace with video tutorials! 
Squarespace - My favourite website platform (I switched from Wordpress)
FloThemes - Also great for designing websites! (For Wordpress Users)
Etsy - For quick and cheap logo designs for my clients! 
Artifact Uprising - Quick and easy way to design my custom thank you cards!
Pixelu Smart Albums - Album Design Software
Netflix (For Real!) - My editing buddy
Photomechanic - So much faster to cull images in
Mailchimp - For newsletters and email design
iMovie or Premiere - For video editing
Skype - For client calls
Pixieset - Online Gallery Delivery
Soundslides - For Slideshows! 
Music bed - Music licensing
Notes: (iphone app) instagram hashtags and where I write my captions
Numbers: Mac's version of excel - where I write out my workflows!


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